Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Hobbies

Nora's nickname is "peanut." She's tiny and lanky and it just suits her. She also like to be wrapped up snug as a bug with as many blankies as possible--she's like me, the warmer the better.

Her eyes are shut, but this was her first bath. Love the frog towel. :)

Taking a snoozer, dressed in a fabulous outfit. Other mommy Lisa dresses her to perfection, so she's as fabulous as possilbe--obviously.

Lisa and I get limited amounts of sleep which makes us very slap happy. We had our first doctors appointment and when they asked for her (Nora's) hobbies I wrote "breastfeeding." I still think it's hilarious.

I get to feed her a bottle or two a day. A little bit for Lisa to sleep and a little bit for me to get some bonding time in there.

Now I think I'm all caught up and will do regular posts now! I'll put up our professional pics when we get them back. It will be nice to post pics that we don't look halfway asleep in. :)

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