Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Childrens Museum

We went to the Children's Museum for Lisa's birthday and Nora LOVED it. Here she is making bubbles. I had to get a close up of the apron...

Here she is driving the bus...beep!

Here Nora and Mommy are drawing pics.

Crawling through the tunnel at Earth World

Putting little boats down the slide

Nora and I at an exhibit.
And yes, I'm still mad the Bears lost.

Triplets on Video

This video was our favorite - it's so cute!

I don't think the kids had any fun. What do you think?

We Had Triplets!

We had all the babies last Saturday and it was like we had triplets! It was actually a lot of fun and the girls were so good. Here all the ladies are watching The Lion King (Nadi's' fav movie)
Tubby time!

Story time! Wave your arms like a monkey!

Lisa and I making a silly face at the end of the night. It was so fun to have the little ladies here!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Family Fun

We had a great December, so I thought I'd throw in some funny pics. Here's princess Mercedes staying warm at my sisters house. How rude was I not to move the pillow under her head!

My little Bears fan. ;)

Question: Is that an 80 pound dog laying in your lap like a little toy poodle?
Answer: Yes.

Does this picture make you hungry?

Lisa is not only a professional snow shoveler, but a model in the evenings.

Christmas Day

My parents came up and we continued our tradition of going to Auntie Amy's for Xmas day. Here's Nora in my reindeer hat. It's amazing - it has animal ears on it.
Perfect photo opportunity with my mom and dad.
Can you see the halo above my head?

My dad is a giant green monster...
AND, I bought my sister the Sherpa. Thank goodness my dad tried it on. It's not only a blanket, but a poncho and seat cushion. What has Amy done all these years WITHOUT it?

Nora and Auntie Amy.

Christmas Eve

The much-anticipated Christmas Eve tradition carried on again at Lee and Shell's. Our appetizer and cocktail list was in top order.
We even added in sledding this year at the Badlands in Hudson, WI.
Here Uncle Lee is snuggling with Nora.

Nora and Lisa dancing (queens).

Lisa got an old school popcorn maker from Lee and Shell. She always talked about her and Grandma Streigel use to make popcorn, so she's been dying to get one. Let me tell you...we have popcorn every other day in this house now...

Shell with Claudia and Ava. They both kept saying "I feel like today is probably going to be one of the best days of our lives." Adorable.

All the girls together for their matching jammie Christmas photo.
Great job on the jammies, Shell!