Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday Bash 1 (of 2)

So....Nora will be having 2 birthday parties b/c it is tough to get people in one location in the summer. This was her first party when my side of the family was in town. We started her out with a burger cake. Why not, right? She has THREE parties!
Her 'official' birthday was July 16th.

We just thought it was awesome. Oh, and quite tasty. :)

Here's our little monkey getting started on her cake...

Feeding mommy...

Close-up of the messy peanut.

And....an ode to Nora:

First Fireworks!

Naughty me...I forgot to add Nora's first fireworks in my last compilation of posts. We didn't know if she was going to cry the whole time. Turns out, she loved them. Here's her sitting on Lisa's lap watching the 4th of July fireworks in Woodbury. Note: The LOVELY headband.

Who are these cute ladies? I love this pic. :)

My nerdy sisters. Excuse me, my nerdy chicken-like sisters.

Great family photo. ALL looking at the camera and all smiling. Tough to do with so many people.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Duck! Duck!

Uncle Darren and Auntie Botch made Nora this Duckie for her first birthday. She LOVES it and just giggles every time we put her in it. She also likes putting her baby in it to. This is her actually calm in it. After about 20 minutes we were like "why haven't we gotten a video in it yet?"

Family Visit Part 1 of 3 (Cousin O' Rama)

Lisa and I were lucky enough to get the whole family together! It's very often you get to have all of your nieces and nephew in one place all at the same time! This is at the beach in Prescott, WI.
Curt and Ben are looking at boats in the water.

Here are the twins building sand castles.

I'm pretty sure Lee did not burn this day....

Claudia in mid air towards Sauca

Kendall & Nora hanging out in style.

Ava helping the babies make mud pies.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family Visit Part 2 of 3


(Hello my name is) Rose!


Nora Kin-Kin!

Family Visit Part 3

Kate, Curt & the kids came up from AZ for almost 2 weeks!
Nora and her cousins got to do a ton of bonding.

The baby whisperer (#2, I won't take #1 away from Dean). Nora loves her Uncle Curt.

Me and Mommy hanging by the pool.

YAY! Pool time!

Summer Play Time

Here are some random photos from the summer. This is a cute little giraffe outfit her Aunt KK got her. It's so cute.

Don't worry...there's a mini giraffe to go with her (front pocket). Baby Gap is dangerous....

Me and my little lady. I got a mower for my little buddy on my birthday. My mower is green as well - in case you were concerned. I'm hoping she'll also get a weed wacker, vaccuum and dust buster. Then she'll really be my shadow. :)

WEEEEEEEE!!!! Nora LOVES the swing.

Are you lookin' at me? Besides watching the sun set, she also enjoys playing with her duckies in her water table.

Girls Weekend

All (my) girls came up to MN for the weekend. We had a great time and had several visits to Schlotzky's Deli....

Nora seemed to be quite ok with the extra attention from her Aunties.
Here she is with Auntie Kara.

Auntie KK

Auntie Jessi (and soon to be bff Cate)

All of us girls (including Mercedes) :)!