Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Help is on the way!

We were so lucky to have my sister in the delivery room when we were in labor with Nora. It ended up going pretty quickly and it helped to have Auntie there to help explain everything that was going on. The fact that she's a doctor & delivers babies was an added bonus (yes, we are very spoiled). She also kept my feet warm, as we shared the bench to sleep for a few minutes after Lisa got an epideral.

We had many wonderful visitors in the hospital that came to meet our little Nora. Her cousins, Claudia and Ava did such a great job of snuggling her. Rumor around the Johnson family is that little Nora looks like her Uncle Lee, so I had to attach the pic. I'll be sure to get some baby pics up here.

My mom flew up here asap to meet Nora and help us out for a week. Thank God...seriously. Who knew you could get so little sleep? :) We were lucky to have a 3 set of hands so we could get some nap time in and so Nora could bond with her Grandma.

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