Sunday, August 30, 2009

Palooza 09'

Little Nora experienced her first of many Johnson/Radke Palooza's this past weekend. She was a complete angel all day. At night...well, that's a different story. :) She stayed strapped to mommy's chest all day. Beer + Baby Strapped to Chest = Pure Class.

Darren and I snuggled on Kendall and Nadia. This was prior to him and I eaten 18 pounds of pork shoulders and 47 side dishes. I chalk it up to getting ready for my winter fighting weight.

A Day in the Life...

Nora continues to grow and she's consistently been smile at both her mommies. She love, love, loves baths.
She's loves being flipped around now, so she can keep an eye on all that is going on...

Cute little Paul Frank jammies.

Ok, the butt of them is so cute!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well, hello! Nora seems to be getting cuter every day...and yes, I'm very biased. She just smiled at us for the first time yesterday (Saturday). It was an exciting moment. New joys: Poop, baby sleeping and cute smiles. :)

Mommy Field was here and she snuggled on Nora.

Lisa finally got a good picture with Nadia (Naughty).

One of those "when we grow up lets have our kids grow up together moments." Botch and Lisa, together forever. God bless the checking account and Babys R Us thanks you for keeping them in business.

Lee, Shell and the girls gave us diapers at our shower. Every diaper has puffy pant on it with messages. It is so funny and quite a good idea. You can see this one says "I love Uncle Lee." I wonder who wrote that? He might have been the one to write "Limbaugh 2012." :) I personally enjoy the "there's poop in here" or "I have gas like my mommy."

New Baby Buddy

Well looky, looky! Nora has a new buddy. His name is "Zeb" and is our friends Robyn and Jeremy's new baby boy. He's so very cute. Him and Nora seemed to about the same size and they already love each other.

As you can see, the other baby seems to be quite fond of little Zeb, too. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Benefits of Vegas...

So....a bunch of Nora's other Aunties went to Vegas to celebrate Jessi's bachelorette party. Lucky us, Jessi had a layover in Minneapolis for a couple hours and we got to have dinner.

So cute. . .
I think Lisa and I were lucky to get Nora back. She almost went to Indy.

Other than our fun trip today, we've had quite a crabby day. . .
I never realized how much I could want someone to poop.

I'm a MONTH old!

Ok, ok, so her 1 month old birthday was actually a few days ago, but I chalk it up to technical difficulties. We were having internet issues with Qwest. So, here's pics on her 1 month birthday. :) Her Auntie Amy came and spent the day with her and changed lots of poopy diapers while watching 'Kill Bill' with Mommy Lisa.
We also celebrated with her cousins, Kendall (9 month birthday), Claudia and Ava. I will have to post those pics when I get them. Kendall gave Nora a kiss and it was soooo cute.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cute Baby Montage

Nora's getting so big and can actually see she has a little belly and she's getting a little heavier. Don't worry, her feet continue to grow.

Don't worry about Mercedes! She's getting double the love. It's hard, but we make sure all of our babies are still getting snuggled. As you can see, she's comfortable around the baby...

Nora's such a big girl in the tub. She loved being dunked. Probably because she likes being as warm as possible. After this she did the backstroke, followed by the breaststroke...

Look at me! Look at me! Ok, so we're obsessed. Duh. Her eyes are blue. Still a toss-up if they will be blue or brown. Stay tuned...

My Cousins

Nora's cousins Nicole, MitcheL, Jessica & her boyfriend Cody, came to visit this weekend.
I'm mean and forced them to take pictures. :) Mean Auntie! And if anyone was curious, I dominated in Wii Bowling (Wii Resort)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hello! She actually has a picture with her eyes open! She's awake a lot more now during the day...well, and at night. It helps us stay sleep deprived, but worth every minute. My stomach hurts from drinking obscene amounts of Diet Mountain Dew.

As you can see...these two seem to be enjoying spending lots of time together. So cute...It's hard being at work, but I always have so much to look forward to at the end of my day. :) As you can see, Peanut is quite the snuggler.