Sunday, May 23, 2010

Slide. Walk. Crawl. She can do it all.

Nora discovered the slide! She just loves it.

She closes her eyes and leans forward...our little dare devil.

MONSTER steps with her MONSTER feet. :)

Our crawling wonder. She's everywhere!

The UP, hey?

We went up to da U.P. last weekend for my Aunt Loretta's wedding. She looked great and we had a good time. Here's a pick of my parental unit and the golden child.

What an adorable family.

Me and Auntie hanging out.

This is what I learned in Escanaba.

Monday, May 10, 2010

North Dakota Here We Come!

Nora snuggling with Grandpa Dale. Nora was helping to nurse Grandpa back to health. We're so happy he's up and runnin' again. :)

This is Nora completely passed out on her Uncle Dean (aka the 'baby whisperer')

Me and my Grandpa Dale.

Grandpa and his little ladies.

Random Goodness

I can hold my own bottle. Did you know you can train your mommy's to hold it for you, though?

I seem to land on my side still.
The polka dots are (facing) out for Auntie Jan.

Her other mommy was a golfing state champ. Go Bison. ;)

Ok, call me a bad mom...but, this is PRICELESS.

Professional Pics!

Ok, ok...I've been terrible at updating the blog for almost a month. It's been a crazy busy month. I went to Phoenix for work and Nora and Lisa went to ND to see Grandpa Dale.
We are all so happy he is doing well. :) And Nora loved snuggling with him.

This is my favorite. We're both holding her hands and she's looking up at me.

This is Lisa's favorite. Let's Dance Little Pookie! She loves this book. At least it's not Walter the Farting Dog. ;)

Our little princess...