Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zohan Princess

So, here's Nora looking at the computer. She couldn't stop. I think she was missing Nadia...

Zohan (in lady form) If you didn't know already, she's advanced.

Whatchu talkin about Willis?

Me with my Auntie. She bought me these SUPER sweet jammies. So cute. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Water Wonderland

Nadia and Nora. So cute together. We went to the Water Park of America this past Saturday and they just kicked and splashed together. They seem to play off of each other. This could be trouble come the teenage years...

Mommies and their identicals at the waterpark.

Bathtime Craziness....

The beginning of the baby fights...Honestly this is adorable. Nora lost most of the time, but came out victorious here. I love how Nadia has Nora's Nuk in her mouth. Soon they will be sharing their clothes...I wonder where that comes from...

Family Time

Here are all (minus Malcolm) of the babies snuggled in bed. They are all growing very interested in Nora and vice versa. Glad to see that tribe is getting along.

Here's a cute one of Cede and Tank.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Star Spangled Baby

Hi, my name is Nora and I'm dressed like a goofy flower. I'm also playing with Mommy's phone cord. This probably isn't good, but I like everything I'm not suppose to grab. Darn it, Mom!

I'm just an innocent baby. I can do no wrong... Rrrrrright. ;)

Chillin' or Cookin'

So, we cooked our daughter. :) Just kidding. Don't go calling the authorities. Mommy Lisa took a picture of Nora on our new stove for me at work. BTW, I LOVE IT. I think Nora does too.
Whatcha lookin' at? I'm so glad Nora has grown accustomed to wearing hats. Now if she'd get better at getting dressed. Will she be like that when she gets older? (Insert Jaws theme song)
Oh, smoochers from my Mommy. :)