Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pretty, Pretty, Princess!

Lisa bought Nora this onesie and I had to post it. She looked so adorable.

Here's the little princess again...with lots of goo on her. Oh teething...
Nora also apologizes to Auntie KK b/c she stole her "pretty, pretty, princess" song temporarily.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Marley and I

I had to include this...Nora LOVES Marley. Marley is her best friend. This is her sleeping with Marley. It's so cute how she snuggles him. She must have a hand, arm or the entire body of Marley on her to fall asleep. ;)

New High Chair!

Nora got a big girl chair today! It's 800 times better than the Bumbo that she was quite distracted in....
Full length shot...

Yummy carrots!

And, I had to include this...she was gigglin' so much! She loves to dance and for some reason she likes it when I sing all goofy. She must be laughing AT me, not WITH me. ;) So cute.
The wheels help to swing and dance:

Hanging with my Moms!

Mommy 1!
Mommy 2!
They're both silly. :)

Fab Boots

It's all about the boots, really. We got this cute picture when all of the girls (Claudia, Ava, Kendall & Nora) got their pictures taken for Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010! Jan, Tom, Beth, Dan & Chris came from Fargo & Bismarck to ring in the New Year. It was our second year in a row and it was so much fun.

Taking pics during a classic game of "Take or Put." In essence it's a big white elephant game. Lucky me, I got a perty new purse.

Auntie (Grandma) Jan with all the babies.

Again, these people are not related and look nothing alike.

Christmas Day!

Christmas Day was at my sister Amy's house. Lisa got me this puzzle - it's from "A Christmas Story." A group picture had to be taken post-assembly. Looks like a classy bunch to me. :)
You lookin' at me?

Nora and her Auntie. Nora also helped Amy make potatoes. May she be a Chef? We'll see. :)

Nora being goofy with Nana. They both were thinking "who are the cuties in the mirror?"

Christmas Eve!

Our tradition of Christmas Eve continued at Lee and Shell's. This was Nora's first one! Although she missed playing a key role in "the night before christmas" she still added her part. Here's a family pic.

Nora and Claudia.

All the girls in their matching jammies. Lucky we had Nana fix Nora's so they would fit. They were all so cute!