Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tampa - Bummin' Around

Ok...this is probably the funniest picture EVER. Don't worry, we were right there. But, we had to get a shot of Nora looking over Tampa...

The pack and play the hotel sent up was awful. It had a giant bar in the middle of it. So, Nora snuggle with us. I hated every minute of it...

Little lady in her shades.

The 2 water babies playing in the pool.

Ready to take on the world. Look at the pose!

Tampa - Clearwater Beach

We went to Clearwater Beach and it was beautiful!
Amazing white sand and playgrounds for the kiddies.

She has NO fear. Ran right into the water.

Nora and her bucket and shovel.
This was probably the most incredible thing in the world to her.

Family pic on the beach.

Trick or Treat?

This was Nora's first official Halloween 'Trick or Treatin.'
She CLEARLY is a giraffe. Although she also was called a 'cute cow' about 50% of the time...
Me and my little giraffe/cow.

After about the 3rd house she started to get the hang of it and wanted to walk all by herself up to the door. No, I didn't cry (it was too cold).

See you later Mommies!