Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cute Outfits

Look at my new sweater jacket that Auntie Amy made me!

Mommy (Lisa, course) got me a retro polka dot outfit with striped pants.

Look at me! Mommy's giving me a smooch!

Poor Malcolm...

Nora is obsessed with snuggling Malcolm. You almost feel bad for him, except that fact that A) he won't move B) he purrs like crazy....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cabin O' Class (Part 1)

We went to a cabin up north a couple weekends ago in Brainerd. We went with Botch, DaRn and Nadia (aka Na-dee). We had so much fun and the girls loved hanging out together.
Here they're are having reading time with Lisa! Looks like she had some avid followers.

We let our children hang out on the roof by themselves. Then we take pictures. Kidding...this was on the deck, but it sure looks like we fooled everyone. :)

This is Nora seeing a real live duck for the first time. She paused for about 20 seconds and then screamed "Duck, Duck!"

Nadia and Nora posing for the camera in the turtle car.

In the bug ride...it took off really fast and we were worried...then they came around again and Nora was screaming and giggling. Valley Fair...here we come!

Cabin O' Class (Part 2)

Lisa Marie with Na-dee and No-neh.

Nora and Mommy on the merry-go-round

Good ol' Paul Bunyan. He said "Hello Nora and Hello Nadia" when we came in. Nora got super excited and waved to him like crazy. Super cute.

Nadia and her buddy Mercedes snugglin' on the couch.

I played my little heart out, Mommies....she crashed on our way home.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Palooza 2010

YIPPY! It was the annual Johnson-Radke Palooza! Here Darren and I have the babes (Nora and Nadia) on the 4 wheeler. They LOVED it - well, we did too!

Here's Nadia and Nora playing in the kiddie pool.

Beeba, Kendall and Nora in the pool.
This years highlight was hands-down the cheesy potatoes.

Sleep over!

Nora got a cuddley new hoodie in anticipation of her cousins coming over for a sleep over! Claudia and Ava came and stayed the night with us so we could have a 'girls night' before they went back to school.

Here are the 2 turkeys. We were watching "Up."
Holy tear-jerker. I was not meant to watch that movie...

Sauca, Claudia, Ava and Mercedes. My spot was over on the couch.
I think the babies only made it into 15 mintues of the movie.
We all had a blast. :)