Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cabin O' Class (Part 1)

We went to a cabin up north a couple weekends ago in Brainerd. We went with Botch, DaRn and Nadia (aka Na-dee). We had so much fun and the girls loved hanging out together.
Here they're are having reading time with Lisa! Looks like she had some avid followers.

We let our children hang out on the roof by themselves. Then we take pictures. Kidding...this was on the deck, but it sure looks like we fooled everyone. :)

This is Nora seeing a real live duck for the first time. She paused for about 20 seconds and then screamed "Duck, Duck!"

Nadia and Nora posing for the camera in the turtle car.

In the bug took off really fast and we were worried...then they came around again and Nora was screaming and giggling. Valley we come!

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