Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well, hello! Nora seems to be getting cuter every day...and yes, I'm very biased. She just smiled at us for the first time yesterday (Saturday). It was an exciting moment. New joys: Poop, baby sleeping and cute smiles. :)

Mommy Field was here and she snuggled on Nora.

Lisa finally got a good picture with Nadia (Naughty).

One of those "when we grow up lets have our kids grow up together moments." Botch and Lisa, together forever. God bless the checking account and Babys R Us thanks you for keeping them in business.

Lee, Shell and the girls gave us diapers at our shower. Every diaper has puffy pant on it with messages. It is so funny and quite a good idea. You can see this one says "I love Uncle Lee." I wonder who wrote that? He might have been the one to write "Limbaugh 2012." :) I personally enjoy the "there's poop in here" or "I have gas like my mommy."


  1. Can't wait to meet her. The puffy paint diapers are such a cute idea! Might have to borrow that idea for an upcoming shower. Can you ask Uncle Lee if that's ok?

  2. I agree, the diapers are an awesome idea. Very creative! Lovin' the new pics and all the format update.